Vacation Vibes with Vibrant crafts

With crafts as companions, vacation’s cheer,

   Creating memories, oh so dear!!

Dear Readers, Welcome to a whimsical journey of Vacation Vibes with Vibrant Crafts!

Trendy team of Tale of a Trend is  celebrating summer vacations with an unforgettable day out at Rajpal’s club. Hearted Thanks to Nidhi Rajpal for being a great host and taking us back to the nostalgia of childhood fun.

Our story begins as we embark on a quest to blend the tranquility of summers vacation vibes with the spirit of Indian crafts. Imagine donning elegant white suits, each stitch whispering tales of timeless sophistication, paired with block printed Cotton and Chanderi dupattas.

As craft lovers, we revel in the beauty of our handcrafted outfits, but the fun doesn’t stop there.  We also love the joy of simple pleasures like playing cards, sipping refreshing cold drinks, savoring delicious food, and capturing every moment with playful poses in your stunning ensembles. Our laughter echos as we create dance reels and share these cherished memories. This gathering isn’t just about fun; it’s a heartfelt celebration of creativity and camaraderie.

So, join us as we dive headfirst into a world where vacation vibes meet the magic of vibrant crafts, igniting our souls with boundless joy, inspiration and innovation.

1. Golden Glow: Yellow Vibrance with White grace

Embrace your vacation with a look that radiates charm and confidence.

The model’s ensemble truly blends traditional elegance with modern flair. A white kurta with delicate straps and matching leggings forms a foundation of purity and simplicity. Big oxidized jhumkas and an oxidized choker add tribal sophistication.

The pink mirror belt at the waist introduces playful sparkle, while light pink Punjabi juttis offer stylish comfort, just perfect for exploring, enjoying and dancing. Draped over her shoulder is a vibrant yellow Chanderi dupatta with green block printed motifs, adding a burst of color and energy.

Style and Social media enthusiasts, try your next reel with this ensemble and celebrate cultural heritage and modern elegance. Surely, you will make a memorable statement amongst your followers.

Model- Kirti Bhartiya

2. Whispers of White with Peach Perfection

The teenage model is wearing a white suit with intricate self-work, teamed up with a peach-colored cotton dupatta adorned with indigo blue block-printed paisley patterns dipped in vegetable dyes. The dupatta features a wider border with large paisleys, attracting a lot of attention.

This outfit with handcrafted beauty is just so perfect for celebrating a vacation day, as it embodies the essence of traditional craftsmanship paired with ease and elegance. You can simply relax and reconnect with our cultural heritage by donning an attire like this.

Also, it is quite versatile to be carried on various occasions like family gatherings, festive celebrations, or casual outing. Absolutely a fashionable and meaningful choice!

Model-Laranya Rajpal

3. Neutral Nirvana- Black and Beige Block Printed Bliss

The model is donning a sophisticated and elegant ensemble, perfect for a day of leisure. She wears a white cotton kurta paired with white palazzo pants. The palazzo features intricate self-work and delicate schiffli embroidery, adding a touch of texture and detail to the outfit. Draped over her shoulder is a stunning block-printed dupatta in beige and black. The dupatta stands out with its bold border adorned with black leaf shaped motifs, creating a striking contrast and adding an element of traditional artistry.

Nude sandals perfectly compliment the outfit maintaining a neutral palette that emphasizes ease and elegance at the same time. The choice of silver jewelry adds a rustic glam, making the outfit suitable for various occasions.

Fashionistas should surely consider this look for its relaxed and rejuvenating appeal with style game on point. The breathable cotton fabric is ideal for warm weather, while the intricate details and traditional prints offer a unique and culturally rich aesthetic. This look is apt for vacation days as it provides ease of movement, keeping the wearer cool and stylish as they explore new destinations or rejuvenate with friends in a casual setting.

Model- Mallika Kapoor

4. Purity meets Passion- Orange dreams and White Realities

How about stepping into your vacation destination and exuding an aura of effortless elegance and undeniable power. The show director’s ensemble commands attention: a pristine white kurta paired with matching trousers, setting a foundation of purity and simplicity. The block-heeled white sandals add sophistication and comfort, ideal for exploring new locales. The oxidized silver bangles bring a timeless charm, hinting at a deep cultural richness.

But it’s the bright orange Chanderi dupatta that truly transforms this look. Draped gracefully, its vibrant hue and intricate black block printing sing of artistic heritage. The big floral and paisley patterns along the border whisper tales of tradition and craftsmanship. This look isn’t just fashion; it’s a style statement! It creatively communicates the world that you’re here to lead, to inspire, and to leave an indelible mark. Fashionistas, take a note: this is power dressing at its most refined, a perfect blend of comfort, culture, and charisma.

Show Director- Mehak Gulati

That’s all for today!

From dawn to dusk, our dazzling dupattas draped over classic white suits display a perfect union of harmonious heritage with utmost grace and glory. This journey, enriched with handcrafted elegance, has been a celebration of togetherness of team in redefining the roots with an artistic expression in present day outlook.

This laughter, shared moments, and colorful crafts will always be close to the heart reminding us of the extraordinary bond we share and the ethereal beauty we experienced.

Cheers to the vibrant crafts and even more vibrant hearts that made this vacation truly unforgettable.

See you soon with our next post! Till then, stay safe, stay fashionable!! Do share your valuable feedback in the comments section of the blog.

Moments of Love and Togetherness

These shoots are always special and close to the heart!

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The Trendy Team

Hosted and Conceptualised by Mehak Gulati

Powered by- Redefining the Roots Welfare Association

Styling- Trendy Team of Tale of a Trend

Models- Kirti Bhartiya, Laranya Rajpaland Mallika Kapoor

Photography- Siddharth S and Laranya Rajpal

Venue- Rajpal’s Club, Kirti Nagar

Sincere gratitude to all our associates and well wishers !

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