Redefining the Roots Welfare Association

An initiative by Tale of a Trend

A concept by Mehak Gulati

Redefining the Roots Welfare Association is a voluntary movement with an intent to preserve and promote treasured Indian classical arts and crafts  amongst the youth of India and world-wide.

Aims and Objectives

1. To educate the youth about exquisite traditional textiles, heritage crafts, classical art forms, culture and lifestyle arts of India. The intent is to nurture the love and awareness for treasured traditional textiles, heritage crafts, tribal arts, adornment crafts and folklores of India to prevent them from getting extinct by hosting various entertainment and education programmes like seminars, contests and fashion extravaganzas and making films and documentaries to promote them and create mass awareness. Also to provide a platform to the makers of the art like artisans, craftsmen and weavers to showcase their product/craft/skill and generate revenue for them. The goal is to promote artisans and heritage arts at global level by organising Cultural Exchange Programmes with various embassies.

2. To create a spirit of service to society amongst the youth and children where they voluntarily develop programmes and movements for conservation and promotion of various arts, crafts and artisans. Also, to create more Youth Influencers endorsing various lifestyle arts like textiles, music, dance, books, sports, healthy food and travel. Also, to impart education about Sustainable Fashion and follow eco-friendly practises in production and development of textiles, apparels and crafts.

3. To provide a platform to specially abled and differently abled individuals to showcase their skill and talent to generate employment opportunities and empower them so that they can be future tax payers. Also, an endeavour to elevate their productivity by enhancing their personality development skills and logical thinking ability for creating beneficial work environment and strengthened peer relations.

4. To impart appropriate skills and technology to underprivileged and rural women of the society to encourage self-employment through small scale and home industries. Thus, improving their quality of life.

The Governing Body

  1. Mehak Gulati- Fashion Blogger, Runway Show Director, Content Creator and Educator
  2. Rashmi Gulati- Sociopreneur
Advisory Board
  1. Dr. Mona Suri– Associate Professor & Academic Vice President at Royal University for Women, Bahrain; Former Reader at Lady Irwin College, Principal Fellow of Higher Education Academy, UK)
  2. Mr. Ashwini Sahoo-  Consultant: NSDF,  Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports
Executive Council
  1. Dr. Nidhi Gupta- Assistant Professor, Fabric and Apparel Science, Lakshmibai College, University of Delhi
  2. Ms. Pranjal Shivhare– Event Manager
  3. Ms. Mahima Korde– Conceptual Art Designer
1. Hues of Heritage 2023- 06.08.23 & 07.08.23
2. Charkha 2023- 02.10.23

3. Vintage in Vogue 2024- 15.03.24