Mission Kashmir

From petals to playful smiles,

Kids bring the Kashmir’s charm in style!!


Hey dear Fashion Enthusiasts,  in this blog spot let’s admire the lush and leafy landscapes of Kashmir complimented by its alluring artistry!

Little Kiddos walked the runway at Tale of a Trend Fashion Extravaganza- Season 6, showcasing Mission Kashmir. The theme endorsed outfits inspired by region’s flourishing flora and foliage. Each couture ensemble captures the essence of Kashmir’s natural beauty, transforming flower and fronds motifs into stunning fashion statements.

So, grab your cup of coffee, sit tight and scroll down for further insights  into Kids special blog with Kashmiri essence of.

1. Emerald Elegance- Kid Ambassador for Kashmir Couture

This adorable Mini Maharani beautifully embodies the essence of Kashmiri culture with her exquisite outfit.

She is endorsing a deep green kurta, inspired by the lush foliage of Kashmir, adorned with intricate silver embroidery that shimmers under the stage lights. She paired her elegant ensemble with an off-white gathered salwar to enhance the cultural vibe.

The Kashmiri headgear donned by her is adorned with a native coin necklace across her forehead, adding a regal traditional touch. Another coin necklace graces her neck, complemented by a long oxidized jewelry necklace that exudes heritage charm.

This little girl, with her confident stride and radiant smile, showcases the rich lineage of Kashmir. Her portrayal on the ramp is a testament to the timeless beauty of Kashmiri attire, inspiring other children to embrace and celebrate their cultural heritage with pride.

Model- Kiwi Sharma
2. Petals in Pink- A floral tribute to Kashmir’s Fashion

In this enchanting ensemble,  pretty princess exudes subtle opulence, perfectly inspired from Kashmir’s floral fantasy. She wears a flower printed satin dress in a delicate powder pink lilac tone, capturing the vibrant blooming beauty of the region.

A brown leather belt cinching the dress, add a structure and rustic charm. While the matching brown leather shoes complete her look with a stylish flair and are just ideal for Kashmir’s chilly weather. Her headgear, crafted from the same floral fabric is creating a wave of rhythm and harmony. Adorned with an oxidized silver jewelry necklace and matching silver accessories on her headgear, she radiates refinement and classic cultural charm.

Our floral fashionista is surely a trend icon for other kids.  Let your child in the family also imitate this outstanding outfit style and showcase their heritage in a stylish and modern way.

Model- Praniti Shivhare
3. Floral Fairytale- Kashmir’s White Wonderland

In this delightful outfit, our little glam girl dazzles in a pristine white frock. The upper yoke of the dress is embellished with delicate 3D flowers, exemplifying the fanciful fashion of floral artistry. Her flowing trail enhances her fairy-tale aura. Her headgear, adorned with large coin jewelry, imparts a oxidised opulence.

A striking silver necklace further completes her lavish look and balances the ensemble with historical grace and elegance. The pairing of gold belt with silver jewellery displays a unique contrast of modern luxury and indigenous art.

Her comfortable white shoes are a mandate to create balance moves on the rocking ramp.

Model- Teairra Nagpal

4. Tiny Trendsetter- Twinning and blossoming with mom

Our little couture connoisseur gracefully strides the runway, embodying the vibrant flora of Kashmir with his soft blue shirt in floral frolic. Coupled with denim jeans, the look accentuates the sturdy style statement of a young boy.

His simplicity, sweetness and charisma illuminate the theme, celebrating the region’s rich foliage fashion.

Beside him, his majestic mom walks with grace and pride, mirroring his floral attire to create a beautiful, cohesive representation. And she is there to support her son in his debut walk, ensuring he feels confident and cherished. The bond between them is so admirable, symbolising a mother’s unwavering love and encouragement. This emotional moment on the ramp highlights not only the beauty of Kashmir’s natural heritage but also the profound emotional connection making the event truly memorable and touching.

Model- Aveer Singh with mom Alisha

With this we have come to an end of kid’s radiant showcase of Kashmir’s natural splendor and rich heritage.  Let’s get inspired from their elegance to embrace Indian craft and culture and proudly exhibit our flora, fauna and cultural artistry.

See you soon with the next post! Till then, stay safe, stay fashionable.

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The Trendy Team

Hosted and Conceptualised by Mehak Gulati

Powered by- Redefining the Roots Welfare Association

Models- Kiwi Sharma,  Pranati Shivhare,  Teairra Nagpal and Aveer Singh

Event Manager- Pranjal Shivhare

Make up artists- Priya Jethi, Alisha and Bhumi Malhotra

Venue- Welcomhotel by ITC hotels, Dwarka, Delhi

Sincere gratitude to all our prestigious associates !

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