Happy Father’s Day

Our fathers’ stories are retold,

Through threads of love and crafts of old.

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special occasion that gives us the opportunity to honor the guiding light of our family—the father, who lead with love, wisdom, and strength.  Team Tale of a Trend expresses sincere gratitude to all the fathers in a unique and stylish manner.

This Father’s Day, we are celebrating the fathers who raised us and the crafts that continue to inspire and sustain the nation. As our biological father is the foundation to our personal identity , similarly our ancestral crafts are the bedrocks of our national identity. Hence this shoot was hosted at National Crafts Museum and Hastkala Academy to highlight the synergy between our cultural heritage and personal histories.

Let’s take a fashionable flight from Dad’s closet to National Crafts Museum and Hastkala Academy, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.

Ever thought of reimagining and restyling your father’s formal shirts into fashionable ensembles? How about  capturing all these shots against the culturally rich backdrop of  Indian handicrafts?? Lock in for the journey ahead!

1. Shirt meets saree- A family affair

In this innovative ensemble, the model beautifully twines in traditional with a contemporary twist.  She has teamed up with her father’s white shirt and her mother’s Banarasi saree. This astounding attire symbolizes the union of her parents’ love and heritage. Wearing her father’s shirt signifies the comfort and security he provides, while the saree represents the nurturing and cultural richness from her mother.

The golden belt and bracelet add glam and elegance, while the nude bellies mark  modern taste. The choice of oxidized black gold earrings and necklace complements the traditional and contemporary elements of her outfit.

The outfit’s blend of significance and traditional style makes it versatile for numerous occasions that celebrate family, culture, and heritage. It’s a beautiful homage to the intertwined influence of both mother and father in her life.

Model- Kirti Bhartiya

2. Dad’s Pink Shirt- Her asymmetrical trendy twist

In this impressive ensemble, the model redefines her father’s formal shirt with contemporary flair. The light pink shirt, adorned with delicate motifs, is worn in an asymmetrical style, bringing a creative twist to a classic piece. Paired with simple black shorts, the look aims to achieve a perfect balance between formal and fashionable. The innovative addition of a black tie adds a bold, playful element, while black heels elevate the outfit with sleek sophistication.

Additionally, completing the look is a handcrafted purse! A vibrant accessory that ties back to the rich tapestry of Indian crafts. This blend of traditional and modern elements makes a powerful statement about embracing heritage while staying fashion-forward.

Other girls can also imitate this style to honor their fathers uniquely. This versatile outfit is perfect for casual outings, informal parties, or semi-formal events, allowing them to stand out while celebrating personal and cultural legacies.

Model- Sezal Thukral

4. Bold BondsLeopard Print and Parental Love

This outfit is a heartfelt blend of emotions and elegance. The model has layered her father’s shirt under a leopard print tank top, symbolizing love and respect on Father’s Day. This sentimental tribute transforms a simple shirt into a cherished symbol of their bond.

The leopard print adds a bold, trendy touch, while the black denim skirt offers versatility and balance. Black sandals provide comfort and elegance, and the handcrafted jute bag introduces an earthy, sustainable element.

This attire is apt for casual outings like influencers meet, reunions, promotional events etc. All the fashion divas should embrace this style as layering sentimental pieces with modern trends creates unique looks that stand out and tell a story, making fashion both meaningful and stylish.

Model- Mallika Kapoor

4. Red Hot Remembrance: A Father’s Day Fashion Statement

In this style, the model creatively combines her father’s classic white shirt with a bold red long dress featuring a thigh-high slit. Thus, striking a perfect balance between sentimentality and modern elegance. Silver accessories, including earrings, a sleek choker, and a belt, add sophistication and splendour to the overall look. A unique silver thigh accessory adds an edgy flair, while red heels embrace the boldness yet feminine outfit.

All the fashion divas can inspire from this ensemble as it is ideal for Father’s Day, symbolizing the blending of cherished memories with contemporary fashion. It’s a poignant reminder of the bond between father and daughter, expressed through a heartfelt yet stylish tribute that stands out and creates statement.

Model- Kirti Bhartiya

5. Father’s Day Fashionista in military Green Glam

This model effortlessly showcases a classy and cool ensemble, perfect for Father’s Day. By styling her father’s military green shirt into a trendy knot, she breathes new life into a beloved piece. Paired with sleek black shorts and knee-high boots, the look is both strong and stylish, resonating with the deep bond shared with her father. The coordinated olive tones across her shirt and boots create a harmonious aesthetic, while her elegant handbag and handcrafted earrings add a touch of sophistication.

This look is not only perfect for Father’s Day, capturing the essence of cherished memories, but also suitable for casual outings, brunch dates, or even a fashionable stroll in the city. Divas should embrace this look for its blend of personal sentiment and contemporary fashion, making it a versatile and heartfelt choice.

Model- Sezal Thukral

6. Sentimental Shrug- Dad’s shirt daughter’s flair

The costume features a creative mix of casual and classic elements. The girl dons her father’s blue printed shirt as a shrug which is adding a unique and personal flair to her outfit. Underneath, a white crop top paired with a white skirt provides a fresh and summery base.

Accessories play a crucial role in this look: a bold belt cinches the waist, enhancing her silhouette, while light blue heels add a cohesive appeal. Her handcrafted bag brings in an artisanal element. The  jute earrings complement the overall aesthetic with a natural, earthy vibe. This ensemble beautifully combines comfort, style, and definitely sentimentality.

Blending comfort and style, this ensemble is ideal for summer events or casual gatherings where a relaxed yet fashionable look is desired.

Model- Mallika Kapoor

7. Vintage in Vogue: Dad’s Shirt, Director’s Skirt

Last but not the least, now it’s my turn! As a  show director I’m celebrating Father’s Day with a deeply personal and fashionable outfit.  I’m wearing a rich wine shirt that belongs to  my father, which brings an emotional and nostalgic touch to the ensemble. The shirt is paired with a sophisticated jacquard skirt that showcases a delicate pattern, adding an element of elegance and modernity to the look.

A statement pearl necklace with a floral pendant graces the neck, enhancing the sentimental value of the outfit while providing a touch of vintage charm. The outfit is accessorized further with a jute sling bag featuring a basketry weaving, blending practicality with rustic aesthetics, and nude heels, which add subtle grace without overpowering the outfit.

The combination of vintage and contemporary pieces symbolizes the blending of past and present, making it a thoughtful celebration of father’s day. For fashion divas, this outfit is a testament to the power of personalized fashion. This look is not just a style statement but a heartfelt celebration of father’s legacy, making it both apt and impactful for the occasion.

Show Director- Mehak Gulati

Sun-kissed shot is always a favourite one!

That’s all for today! See you soon with the next post. Hope you liked this blog post featuring intersection of Fatherhood and Indian Crafts. Hearted Thanks to National Crafts Museum and Hastkala Academy for the creative collaboration.

This Father’s Day, let’s cherish the bond with our fathers and the fatherly figure- ancestral crafts!

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The Trendy Team

Hosted and Conceptualised by Mehak Gulati

Powered by- Redefining the Roots Welfare Association

Styling- Trendy Team of Tale of a Trend

Models- Kirti Bhartiya, Sezal Thukral and Mallika Kapoor

Photography- Siddharth S 

Venue- National Crafts Museum and Hastkala Academy, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India

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