Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Om namoh Shiva

सत्य ही शिव है I शिव ही सुंदर है II

Jai Shiva Omkara, my dear Fashion Enthusiasts,

Hearty Welcome to Season 6 of our Fashion Extravaganza, presented by Tale of a Trend in association with Ellecure Luxuria and powered by Redefining the Roots Welfare Association! We are bestowed with blessings of Lord Shiva who is a symbol of Love, devotion and fashion. To express our gratitude we dedicate first theme to the Lord.

DEVOTION is fashionable! 

It’s time to feast your eyes you with Theme 1- Satyam Shivam Sundaram crafted by our dynamic designer Mahima Korde and mentored by Mehak Gulati. The divine theme draws its inspiration from the principal deity of Hinduism, Devon ke Dev- Mahadev– The Lord of Lords!!

Another beauty of the theme is, while showcasing our love towards  Shiv Shambhu, we are also fostering appreciation towards Indian traditional art- Gota Patti by presenting it in modern style.

L-R: Tale of a Trend Brand Ambassador Muskaan Sachdeva, Piyush Drona as Shiva and Designer Mahima Korde

“Satyam Shivam Sundaram” is a beautiful phrase that perfectly encapsulates the deific qualities of Lord Shiva. “Satyam” represents truth, “Shivam” represents auspiciousness, and “Sundaram” represents beauty. It’s a powerful reminder about importance of truth, the blessings of auspiciousness, and the inherent beauty that surrounds us. 

So, dear readers, get ready to immerse yourself in the elegance, where every ensemble is crafted to make him happy, to soothe his fiery tandav, to melt his anger with love, and to embrace his innocent soul.

Har Har Mahadev! Let’s celebrate Devotion with Gen Z!! 

1. Devotee of Ardhnareshwar Shiva

Ardhnareshwar signifies amalgamation of Purusha and Prakriti. It is a symbol of Shakti/Parvati- the female principle of God is inseparable from Shiva- the male principle of God.

The flowy fuchsia pink skirt with central ruffle and well fitted corset with petal fall of the sleeve depicts strong yet blossoming energy derived from the dual character of the divine unified as a whole.

Model- Muskaan Sachdeva
2. Natraja- The Lord of Dance

The beauty of Lord Shiva is indescribable. His divine presence, with his matted hair, third eye, and serene expression, captivates everyone’s hearts and souls. His form radiates power, wisdom, and grace, leaving in awe of his magnificence. Often depicted wearing a tiger skin loincloth, a snake around his neck, and adorning his  hair with a crescent moon, these elements denote a fashion-forward devotional look of the deity.

“Shiv Tandav”-  a divine dance performed by Natraj himself symbolises his distinct but diverse nature. It signifies destruction of cosmos on one hand to pave the way for arrival of the new in physical world, while on the other hand it represents a blissful dance creating a feeling of ecstasy and experience of pleasure.

As Nataraja, the Lord of Dance, Mahadev is portrayed as the fiercest yet the most joyful form of divinity. 

Model- Piyush Drona

3. Devotee of Bholenath Shiva

Soft and sweet Sezal loves the benevolent bent of Bhole Baba! Isn’t it strange, the Lord with the third eye who is known for wrath is so innocent (Bhola). He is indeed, as it is easiest to please him with love and devotion.

The costume also narrates a similar tale. The pleated style element in the centre of fuchsia pink skirt, and the cuts and volume of the sleeve is an expression of emotional and compassionate feminine energy of Devi that compliments the masculine energy of innocent Shiva.

Model- Sezal Thukral

4. Devotee of Vishwanath Shiva

Vishwanath- the Lord of the Universe is the Supreme Soul He is the symbol of balance in universe. Being the parent of the universe, he blesses his children by taking care of their well-being.  He is the ultimate source of creation, destruction and transformation.

The outfit has been designed keeping the same aspect in mind.The wine coloured skirt with the bold slit highlighted with gota emphasises the intense energy to transform the world (vishwa). Furthermore, the vivid jewellery and exaggerated sleeve is a true representation of power with poise.

Model- Bhumi Malhotra


5. Devotee of Rudra Shiva

Rudra means the Roaring storm! This name showcases fiery aspect of Lord Shiva which means destruction. He destroys the problems of his devotees from their roots and is also known complete the cycle of universe by giving moksha.

The ensemble here also exhibits the bold and fierce character. The maroon godet mermaid skirt style with gota detailing displays the strong and stormy temperament. And the voluminous yet fitted sleeve combination in floral embroidered blouse glorifies the contrasting feminine nature of being soft and subtle to bold and beautiful. Soft enough the clam down Shiva’s rage and bold enough to compliment his power!

Model- Kirti Bhartiya

6. Devotee of Vairagi Shiva

Lord Shiva lives like Vairagi- the yogi! He is Yogeshwar despite the fact he is also the Jagdishwar. Though a king, he always opted a yogi lifestyle and we have portrayed the same character to our Shiva.

This cute little girl is truly a devotee of Vairagi Shiva. The high-low fluid pattern in skirt showcases the yogi behaviour of accepting all the high lows of life in most graceful way. The asymmetrical collar and sleeve style in the blouse is an expression of gratitude to the blessings that almighty has bestowed upon. Staying happy in all styles and situations is an art of living!

Model- Laranya Rajpal

7. Devotee of Trilochan Shiva

Tri-lochan refers to the third eye of Shiva! The third eye is the source of all the energy of the Lord. He opens his third eye to burn all Adharma and make Dharma prosper.

Designer Mahima is truly inspired from this trait of Shiva and channelized all her energy in creation of this theme to promote Dharma. The deep wine coloured skirt with slit and draped flower pattern presents her simple and attractive style with an eye for detailing.

Keep up the good work dear girl!!

Model- Mahima Korde

Let’s have few more moments of Shaktis of Tale of a Trend complimenting Shiva!!

Shiva and his Shaktis

The Lord of Lords is a true embodiment of paradoxical nature. Inspired from the Lord Shiva, we have also tried to showcase a paradox of Love,  Devotion and Fashion! Trust me dear readers, the contrasts complement each other.

Also see our dear devotees slaying in fashionable devotion in this video. You will surely fall in love with them and our Lord Shiva- symbol of love, devotion and fashion.

Jai Bholenath!!

That’s all for today. Se you soon with our next post. Till the, stay safe, stay fashionable!!

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The Trendy Team

Hosted and Conceptualised by Mehak Gulati

Event Manager- Pranjal Shivhare

Make up artists- Priya Jethi, Alisha and Bhumi Malhotra

Make up Artist for Shiva- Rinkoo ji

Anchors- Khushboo Sharma & Kashmin Kaur

Choreography- Mehak Gulati and Karuna Malik

Music- Karuna Malik

Venue- Welcomhotel by ITC hotels, Dwarka, Delhi

Sincere gratitude to all our prestigious associates !

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