Jai Shri Ram

Happy Ram Mandir Restoration

Hearty Greetings, dear devotees!!

The legend Lord Ram and his noble virtues have captured the hearts and imaginations of billions across the ages. Today, as we approach towards the joyous occasion of ‘Pran Pratishtha’ of Ram Mandir, let’s celebrate devotion through fashion- an amazing art form that allows creative expression of our deep feelings. Fashion and devotion may seem like two completely different worlds, but they have been intertwined for centuries. From the intricate designs on traditional Indian sarees to the elaborate costumes worn during religious festivals, fashion has always played a significant role in expressing one’s devotion to a higher power.

In our unique initiative, we have organised a fashion shoot dedicated entirely to Lord Ram. This innovative impression offers a fresh perspective to young generations while keeping alive the timeless tradition.

As devotees of Prabhu Shri Ram let’s chant “Siyavar Ramchandra ki Jai” and

Dress up in Devotion
1. The Enchanting Devotee

Meet our darling devotee, adorned in orange and red-hued ensemble that exudes both elegance and reverence. Her red A-line kurta, tailored to perfection and paired with orange phulkari signifies her connection to the divine and also endorsing the cultural roots. Her bold stroke of red lipstick serves as a powerful statement, symbolizing both strength and devotion. Do try this outfit while you go for darshan ar Ram Mandir.

Model- Kirti Bhartiya

2. The Delicate Devotee

Our next fashion devotee is all decked up in simple yet elegant Bandhej Saree in high chroma hues of red and yellow.

The present day devotee chose to pair her saree with shimmery red crop top and bangles that clink softly as devotee engages in prayer and celebration. Each bangle is a rhythmic echo of devotion that symbolizes the unbroken bond between the devotee and the divine. Extremely excited and glammed up to celebrate restoration of Ram Mandir!

Model- Sezal Thukral

3. The Ethereal Devotee

This beautiful Bandhej saree draped in seedha palla style in rich red hues showcases a deep connection to the cultural roots.  Her pearl drop golden earrings, delicately adorning her ears, add a touch of celestial radiance to her visage. The pearl choker and gold bracelets further echoes the religious celebration.

This harmonious blend of fashion and faith is a radiant example of how one’s external expression can mirror the internal depths of devotion at religious extravaganzas. Would you like to steal this style inspiration while your visit to Ram Mandir?

Model- Bhumi Malhotra

4. The Dancer Devotee

Draped in digital printed dupatta over crimson red crop top and A-line skirt, our dancer and devotee is giving a bold definition of divine elegance. The beautiful borders narrate the tales of tradition and spirituality, while the rich red hue adds the warmth and auspicious touch.

Each glance reveals the sincerity of her devotion, echoed through her dancing moves. 

Model- Karuna Malik

5. The Delightful Devotee

Last but not the least, it’s my turn to epitomize the essence of devotion. I showcased paneled kurta paired with A-line bordered skirt and dupatta in pious hues of orange and red, embellished with gold.

The resplendent ensemble exuded an aura of regality and stood as a testament to tradition with contemporary elegance on this memorable occasion of Ram Mandir Pran – Prathistha.

Show Director- Mehak Gulati

That’s all for this post. Let’s together celebrate this auspicious day with great excitement and enthusiasm!! Afterall,

Ram aayein hain

See you soon with next post! Till then, stay safe, stay fashionable.

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The Trendy Team

 Conceptualised, Directed and Styled by Mehak Gulati

Models-  Kirti Bhartiya, Sezal Thukral,  Bhumi Malhotra and Karuna Malik

Co Author- Rajeshwari and Sezal Thukral

Venue- Delhi Haat, Pitampura                

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