Chic Chill Mode- ON- with-South Silk Sarees

Styling South Silk Sarees

Let’s celebrate some fashion ke rang, iss sardi ke sang!!!

Hey fashion connoisseurs and style mavens! 

Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2024 🙂 This new year, pull out all silk sarees of your mom from your closets and bed-box. Let’s style them!

Today, we’re twirling into a realm where traditional elegance meets contemporary edge. Welcome to “Chic Chill Mode – ON,” a fashion fiesta where South silk sarees take center stage alongside rough and tough leathers. Get ready for a wild ride through five unique pairings that redefine the cool gal vibes. Let’s endorse some classical fashion from southern India

1. Radiant Roseate

Are you all ready to turn all the heads towards you at all the cultural soirées and hip rooftop parties?? Scroll down to check our super stunning combination!

So, our first poser in this fashion fiesta is donning a mesmerizing rose pink colour South Indian silk saree, gracefully showcasing bold paisley motifs in gold. Teaming this trendy and classic saree with rocking black leather jacket is definitely kicking up a notch in this style game!  

Model- Sezal Thukral

Who says silk and leather don’t play well together?

And if you feel too hot or you are too hawt, you may keep the jacket aside and pose!!

2. White Whisper

For those who love subtlety with a dash of sass, we present the Winsome White Whisper!

 A simple yet stunning white South silk saree with traditional golden border, paired effortlessly with a ravishing red crop top and styled with bronze brown leather jacket. This combo is like a gentle breeze, refreshing and captivating. It’s a look that effortlessly transitions from traditional events to late-night hangouts with friends. Chic chill mode completely activated! Yeah!!!

Model- Bhumi Malhotra

And when she is in her full bloom!

Fire or Flower?

3. Violet Verve

Meanwhile our other divas are getting ready, the show director is all set to showcase her sassy south silk saree and smart styling.

So, let’s pirouette into the world of the Violet Verve Fusion, a South silk saree in regal violet, cinched with a luxurious broad black leather belt. This ensemble strikes the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, offering a look that’s both graceful and trendsetting.

Whether you’re at a cultural extravaganza or anchoring a conclave, this outfit is your passport to effortless power dressing.

Show Director- Mehak Gulati

4. Blush Bohemian

Stepping into the limelight is our third ensemble, the Blush Bohemian Dream!

A baby pink South silk saree embellished with deep maroon brocade border is everyone’s favourite. The sensuous saree meets its match in a lavish leather brown corset top. This pairing is a symphony of soft hues and edgy vibes, perfect for a day out with your crew or a stylish brunch date. Embrace the boho spirit while keeping it oh-so-chic.

Model- Mallika Kapoor

Did you notice that pearl choker? Check it out again and feel the fusion of soft pearls and bold leather.

5. Golden Grace

Golden glamour meets leather allure!

Our final twirl brings us to the Golden Grace, an ochre’s yellow South silk saree with a bold brocade black border in the spotlight, harmonizing perfectly with a black corset leather top. This pairing screams sophistication with a hint of rebellion. It’s an outfit that demands attention, whether you’re attending a high-profile gala or strutting down the urban streets.

Model- Karuna Malik

There you have it, fashionistas, breathtaking pairings that blur the lines between heritage and contemporary, thus bringing them much close!!

“Chic Chill Mode – ON” isn’t just a theme, it’s a lifestyle. So, go ahead, mix, match, and let your style tell a story that’s as unique and fabulous as you are. It’s time to turn heads and own the scene because, in the world of fashion, chic chill mode is always ON! And south silk Sarees just nail it. 

See you soon with the next post! Till then, stay fashionable, stay safe!! Do share your valuable feedback in the comments section of the blog. Also share your style of wearing south silk sarees. 

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The Trendy Team

 Conceptualised, Directed and Styled by Mehak Gulati

Models-  Sezal Thukral,  Bhumi Malhotra, Mallika Kapoor and Karuna Malik

Co Author- Sneha Vij

Venue- Shri Nagesh Garden, Delhi Cantt

Photography- Siddharth S

Happy New Year 2024

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