Cross Culture Celebration- India x Israel


India x Israel

Cross Culture Celebration

Hey dear Fashion Aficionados,

It gives me immense pleasure and pride to share one of the most memorable moments from our Tale of a Trend Fashion Extravaganza- Season 6. We had the privilege to have Mr. Guy Nir, Spokesperson, Israel Embassy in India amongst us.  And undoubtedly, we were over the moon as Mr. Nir delightfully agreed to showcase the Israel tradition of wearing a headscarf on our majestic model Sezal Thukral.

As a matter of fact, both India and Israel are rich in history and heritage, and traditional attire is one of the most fascinating aspect of both the cultures. Indian textiles are known all over the world for their beautiful and intricate design patterns, vibrant colour palette, incredible craftsmanship and finest fabrics.

In Israel, dressing styles and choices of women in  are generally influenced by cultural and religious preferences. Additionally, their fashion statements  also reflect a blend of Western and Middle East style. Apart from the traditional attire, Jewish women of  Israel wear ‘tichel’ – the headscarf. Tichel is generally a colourful fabric, wrapped around the head in variety of styles. Each look is distinctive with a creative draping technique.

Basically in this post we have tried to weave threads of unity by bringing Indian traditional Bandhej dupatta and  Israel pattern  of draping headscarf together on the Tale of a Trend runway!

Indeed, this jubilious and jaw dropping moment would not have been possible without the active participation of Mr. Nir.

Scroll down to  check out the video of drape and appreciate how one nation embraces the culture of another! Cheers to cross culture celebration!! World is one family.

Let’s together endorse and appreciate Vasudhaiva  Kutumbukam. So, let’s go beyond our home, beyond our culture, beyond our nation and celebrate the harmony in heterogeneity.

Certainly, t’s a prideful moment for Sezal Thukral as she has been awarded as Tale of a Trend Model of the year 2023-24 and appreciated by Mr. Guy Nir. Congratulations dear girl. Keep shining!

Hope we have succeeded in our endeavour to celebrate the unique union of cultures of both the nations (India and Israel).  Surely, would love to hear your feedback in the comments section of the blog. Eagerly waiting to hear you all!

Mr. Guy Nir felicitated by Ms. Mehak Gulati, Show Director, Tale of a Trend

Hearted Thanks Mr. Nir for your kind participation.

That’s all for today! See you soon with the next post. Till then, stay safe, stay fashionable!!

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The Trendy Team

Hosted and Conceptualised by Mehak Gulati

Outfits- Mehak Gulati

Model- Sezal Thukral

Model Jewellery- Uma Chaudhary (Ekam Ek)

Event Manager- Pranjal Shivhare

Make up artist- Bhumi Malhotra

Venue- Welcomhotel by ITC hotels, Dwarka, Delhi

Sincere gratitude to all our prestigious associates !

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  1. Rajat Sethi

    As I said earlier, this kid has lot of potential and you are unlocking it gracefully.
    Kudos for the efforts you made for nourishing your teams and your baby “Blog”

    Your journey is beautiful but long way to go!!
    Best wishes are with you always!!!

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