Chandni O Meri Chandni

Chandni O Meri Chandni

While we are celebrating the success of India’s lunar exploration mission, Chandrayaan-3 and G 20 summit, let’s also celebrate the glory of Indian art, culture and cinema.

On this ecstatic occasion of 34th release anniversary of Bollywood blockbuster ‘Chandni’ (14th September 1989), we at Tale of a Trend are rejoicing  the fashionable moments of this supernova silver screen hit. 

Our gorgeous and glamorous girls are all decked up in hues of Chandni- the female protagonist and a vivacious and versatile actress SRIDEVI.

My dear readers,

‘Chandni’ is more than just a love story. Directed by the eminent and esteemed Yash Chopra, this timeless classic is a celebration of emotions, relationships, and the unpredictability of life. From heartache to joy, you will ride a roller coaster of emotions and leave a lasting impression on your soul. Decades after its release, ‘Chandni’ remains a popular movie for family movie nights, romantic getaways and those looking to enjoy the magic of Bollywood. So, if you haven’t experienced this cinematic gem yet, make it a priority.

Chandni, played by Sridevi, shaped long-lasting fashion trends and influenced the clothing choices of women across India. Her graceful and sophisticated fashion choices in the film are a benchmark in the history of Bollywood fashion, cementing her status as a fashion icon and making ‘Chandni’ not only a story but also a great exemplification of fashion.

Sridevi’s signature plain chiffon and net sarees  left an unforgettable impression, highlighting her importance of modest fashion and the timeless appeal of traditional clothing. So, keep scrolling as we emulate the essence of Chandni!

Winsome White

The sensuous yet subtle white saree epitomizes cheerful Chandni . This seemingly simple choice had a deep meaning! White embodies elegance, purity and  glamour and also, it personifies the title Chandni by resonating it with the glittering gleam of moonlight.

I hope Kirti succeeded in her effort of reminding you about the Chandni era and specially the soulful title track, chandni o meri chandni!

Model- Kirti Bhartiya


 Youthful Yellow

I hope you all remember iconic yellow sheer saree which Sridevi gracefully donned on super-romantic song- Tere mere hothon pe meethe meethe geet mitwa! 

This plain yellow saree embodies simplicity and elegance in the most enchanting way. The golden yellow hue radiate warmth and positivity. Our lovely and gracious model imitated Sridevi in the closest possible way.

She complimented the saree with straight open hair and minimalistic pearl jewelery and ran across lush green meadows to make you fall in love with the legendary look

I’m sure, now most of you would like to recreate this look and dance on tunes of this love song.

Model- Bhumi Malhotra

Remember, Anushka Sharma also imitated the same look in Ae dil e Mushkil!

Bold Blue

This blue Sridevi Classic saree symbolises a head strong and sophisticated female who lives life on her own terms and conditions.  The colour and drape focuses on the wearer’s individuality, beauty and inner brilliance.

In its simplicity, the plain blue saree captures the essence of vintage fashion style, where less is actually more! Just to remind you, Sridevi wore this saree towards the end of the movie when Rishi Kapoor came to meet her after completion of his treatment for paralysis at Switzerland.

Model- Sezal Thukral


In the world of Indian cinema, few films have left as much of an indelible mark as Chandni!
This post is a tribute to movie Chandni , noteworthy director Yash Chopra and admirable actress Sridevi. These plain sarees endorsing grace and glamour are a reflection of  fashion and style of late 80’s, that has been carried by Sridevi in the movie with absolute finesse.
They also justify the fact that simplicity has the power to leave a lasting impression and become a classic style statement.
That’s all for today. Let’s sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy Chandni moments today! See you soon with the next post. Till then, stay safe, stay fashionable!

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Also, scroll  down a bit more to see our Chandnis slaying on famous tracks of this megahit movie. 

The Trendy Team

Directed & Conceptualised by Mehak Gulati
Co Author- Arushi Chandel
Models- Kirti Bhartiya, Bhumi Malhotra & Sezal Thukral
Make up Artist- Bhumi Malhotra
Photography- Anubhav Sharma
Many Thanks to all our enthusiastic readers for showering so much love on us!
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