Vintage in Vogue

Do you wish to add whistles to your style?

Tale of a Trend has brought you the second oldest garment known to the mankind to ornament your beauty.

You guessed it right.I’m talking about the ‘skirt’, a timeless piece of clothing that looks great, smart and stylish. The Vintage is in Vogue!

Skirt is a smart solution for adding an instant chicness and luxury to your style. The best part of this fashionable outfit is that the length does not matter; it can go from super short to extra-long, through mid-length.

In this post you will see the hot and chic models of the blog adorned in pretty and playful skirts. For a super sexy look, I have paired a slim maxi skirt in super sheer fabrics with black halter crop top. The halfway lining makes the legs faintly visible and the look effortlessly sexy.

Once the temperature rises, you will find every girl carrying herself in a “mini skirt” trend, which actually makes it a wardrobe staple. The majorette mini skirt in printed pattern is so casual and trendy. Pairing it with sports crop top or strapped crop tops amplifies the glam factor. A semi tight slim mini skirt also looks amazing with a basic tee or a crop top. A crotchet scarf on the skirt makes it a perfect evening pick with creative and bubbly style. A mini trapeze skirt with yoke and frills is deeply romantic. Complementing it with a tube top can definitely fetch a lot of compliments.

The sophisticated yet stylish guy of the blog showcased the crispy clean and casual looks in white tees and denims paired with navy blue shirt in windowpane checkered pattern. It’s a must-have look of every fashion follower.

Scroll a little to check out the beauties and hunk of the blog in most fashionable outfits. Stay connected for more such updates.

Majorette mini skirt in geometric printed pattern paired with sports crop top


White tees and denims paired with navy blue shirt in windowpane checkered pattern and sporty shoes


Majorette mini skirt in floral printed pattern paired with strapped crop top


Mini trapeze skirt with yoke and frills paired with tube top


Slim maxi skirt paired with black halter crop top


 Semi tight slim mini skirt with crochet scarf paired with sports crop top


Do check this video below to feel the fashion!

The Trending Team 
  • Costumes and Styling: Mehak Gulati
  • Models:  Angelica Talwar, Yashika Jatav and Vaibhav Kapoor
  • Make Up and Hair: Vibhu
  • Photography: Hritik Maggo
  • Special Thanks to Shankar Rungta (lensblaze)


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