Phulon ke rang se, dil ke kalam se….
….some Sunday Melodies for you

Hey fabulous fashionistas!

Today, we’re diving into a world where the scent of roses mingles with the melody of music. And surely, our phulkaris will create some magical moments and some poses with poise.

Since my glam gang wants me also to pose with a rose, so here we go!!

POV- A casual meet turned out to be a shoot meet with fun, flower and fashion.
“Phul Tumhe Bheja Hai Khat Mein”

Our first look brings you a winter Sunday morning wrapped in the warmth of velvet brown, dancing through a chilly breeze with a beige phulkari dupatta.

The ensemble is straight out of a romantic letter, where a red rose finds its home in silky black hair, a love story told through fashion. This look is inspired by lyrics that echo the sentiments of a heart sent in a letter. It’s a symphony of textures and hues, a Sunday ode to love and style.

Mehak Gulati

“Ae Phulon Ki Raani, Baharon Ki Mallika, Tera Muskurana Gazab Kar Gaya”

It’s time to move on to our second look and enjoy peaceful Sunday golden hour walk where a step leads to a garden of reds and yellows. Donning a plain red kurta paired with red phulkari dupatta glistening with radiance in the warm sunlight is such a feast to the eyes.

A red rose nestled in the hair is the perfect accessory, echoing the lyrics that speak of a queen among flowers, captivating the essence of love and romance. This outfit is a tribute to the blooming beauty around one, turning a Sunday into a symphony of colors and joy.

Sezal Thukral

 “Phulon Sa Chehra Tera, Kaliyon Si Muskaan Hai”

Now, let’s twirl into our third look! A sunny afternoon embodying the charm of sea green and purity of white, all wrapped up in an umbrella-style yoked kurta and its phulkari.

The air is filled with the fragrance of flowers, and a signature rose that delicately adorns the hair. The lyrics tell a tale of a face as radiant as flowers and a smile as enchanting as buds blooming. It’s a celebration of nature’s beauty seamlessly woven into this outfit, creating a Sunday look that’s as vibrant as a beautiful woman’s spirit.

Bhumi Malhotra

That’s all for today from our creative and casual pitaara!

So, dear fashion enthusiasts, let your Sundays be a canvas where flowers, music, and style collide. Whether you’re wrapped in the romance of “Phul Tumhe Bheja Hai Khat Mein,” embracing the freshness of “Phulon Sa Chehra Tera,” or radiating the charm of “Ae Phulon Ki Raani,” let your style sing the tunes of nature and love. After all, in the language of fashion, flowers and music are the notes that compose the most beautiful Sunday symphony.

Bbye! See you soon. Stay safe, stay fashionable!!!

The Trendy Team

 Conceptualised by Mehak Gulati

Models- Mehak Gulati, Sezal Thukral and Bhumi Malhotra

Co Author- Sneha Vij

Venue- Dilli Haat, Pitampura

Photography- Capturing each other with mobiles


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