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Hello dear all Fashion Enthusiasts!

On this occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, lets embark on a thrilling voyage into the captivating realm of Khadi couture, expertly entwined with the enduring elegance of Ajrakh and Bagru block printing. Brace yourselves for a fashionable fusion that’s not only fascinating but also deep rooted in cultural opulence.

First, let’s take a moment to appreciate the magic of Khadi. Khadi symbolizes India’s resilience, heritage, and independence. Mahatma Gandhi recognized its power as a means of self-sufficiency and a weapon against colonialism. Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi passionately champions Khadi, sparking a revival that transcends mere fashion. We, at Tale of a Trend, pledge to carry forward the Gandhian principle and PM’s vision of Khadi.

L-R: Bhumi Malhotra, Karuna Malik, Smriti Chaubey, Show Director- Mehak Gulati. Designer- Megha Agarwal, Laranya Rajpal, Sezal Thukral and Kirti Bhartiya

Hand spun and hand woven Khadi is a dynamic expression of identity, a symbol of resistance and change, and emblem of nation’s struggle for freedom. And,  Bagru block printing, is a traditional art form whose hallmark lies in its use of natural dyes from plants and minerals creating a stunning array of rich and earthy colors.

Megha Agarwal, the creative genius behind Megha Ethnics (Banjaran) weaves the cultural tapestry of heritage and modernity via this 350 year old tradition of block printing with vegetable dyes.

In this post Charkha, we intend to revitalize Khadi with contemporary flair i.e. re-designing our tradition with today’s twist! Powered by- Redefining the Roots Welfare Association

Let’s delve into these beautiful outfits crafted by Megha Ethnics (Banjaran) where  the designer seamlessly marries  the finesse of Bagru block printing with Khadi sarees, dresses,and jackets. The block printed iconic Gandhi topi adorned with conch shells deserves all the attention.  True epitome of legacy and style!

1. Khadi to Mesmerize

  The first style of today’s collection is Black Khadi saree wrapped over a block printed skirt and paired with a vermillion full-sleeves Bagru print top. The contrast between the black saree and vermillion top creates an elegant  colour harmony with sophisticated style.  This rich Gandhi topi adds more flair to the outfit, embodying the special occasion.

Model- Sezal Thukral

2. Khadi to Express Elegance

  This ensemble is an epitome of sheer elegance.  Beige Khadi saree  paired with a Ajrakh print crop top, dupatta and belt bag is pure poetry in fabric exuding grace, simplicity and sophistication. How about carrying this style at your next conclave??

Model- Kirti Bhartiya


3. Khadi to Impress

   This outfit effortlessly combines  white A line khadi dress paired with khadi shrug and Ajrakh printed belt bag. The striped Bagru printed borders on the shrug and the hem of the A line dress endorses simplicity with style. It’s clean silhouette makes it a versatile choice for formal evening  events and  fashion-forward office wear.  Our lovely dancer is here to impress you all with her moves and magic in this contemporary styled traditional outfit.

Model- Karuna Malik

4. Khadi to Radiate

  In this ensemble, Khadi becomes a medium to radiate elegance and cultural grace. The Yellow midi Khadi dress paired with a Bagru print jacket is a vibrant burst of sunshine. The dress perfectly complements the jacket, creating a striking statement piece ideal for evening soirées or celebrations. Adding a contemporary twist, this belt bag and colorful Gandhi topi adorns the look enhancing the cultural spirit of India and symbolizing unity within diversity.

Model- Bhumi Malhotra

5. Khadi to Play Around

  Khadi takes on a playful yet sophisticated character in the off-white Khadi dress with a Ajrakh print belt and dupatta. This masterpiece seamlessly merges the elegance of Khadi with the artistry of Bagru printing, perfect for those pleasant evenings under the starry skies.

Model- Smriti Chaubey

6. Khadi to Celebrate

  Celebrate Khadi by adorning yourself with this playful off-white  dhoti paired with a vermillion Bagru print cut-sleeves top and block printed Khadi jacket. The outfit symbolizes the free spirited soul carrying India’s tradition with all grace and contemporary enthusiasm. Colorful Gandhi topi and Bagru printed belt bag completes the Banjaran look. The addition of this vivid Gandhi topi elevates the ensemble representing cultural pride and underscoring the significance of tradition in contemporary fashion.

Model- Laranya Rajpal

7. Khadi with a Splash of Childhood Magic

  This pale-yellow cut-sleeves Khadi top adorned with charming flamingos is incredibly well paired with a wrap around skirt boasting colorful Bagru prints as vibrant as a child’s imagination. This ensemble not only celebrates the innocence of childhood but also embodies the cultural grace and national spirit at grass root level. The sling bag and Gandhi topi only makes this ensemble more adorable yet eye- catching with a contemporary touch, symbolizing unity in diversity and cultural pride. #khadi-for-all

Model- Teairra Nagpal

When we talk about children, our young heart throb is also here to spill his charm. You can always check on him stealing hearts at Tale of a Trend Runways. Handsome Rudra is proudly flaunting his Khadi jackets  and white kurta pyjama to celebrate the spirit of Gandhi Jayanti.

Model- Rudra Pandey

Crafting attitude for Khadi and Traditional Textiles

Last but not the least, it’s time for the author to endorse and promote Khadi. Elevate your elegance and impress your peers and professionals with this lilac Khadi top teamed up with plain black skirt. Bagru print bag and belt hanging  in this ensemble is an attestation to the enduring appeal of our heritage in power dressing .

Show Director and Muse- Mehak Gulati

Hearted thanks to designer Megha Aggarwal for collaborating with us in our endeavour and showcasing her awe inspiring outfits. As we continue this fashionable journey, remember to stay stylish and celebrate the magic of Khadi and the artistry of Bagru block printing. Here’s to fashion that goes beyond the surface and delves deep into our cultural roots!

That’s all for today. Happy Gandhi Jayanti! Do share pictures of your way of Khadi Styling  in comments section of the blog.

Sincere gratitude to National Crafts Museum and Hastkala Academy, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India for supporting us in our endeavour. 

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The Trendy Team

Hosted and Conceptualised by Mehak Gulati

Designer- Megha Aggarwal (Megha Ethnics- Banjaran)

Co Author- Sneha Vij

Venue- National Crafts Museum and Hastkala Academy, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India

Photography- Siddharth S

Reels Videography- Arushi Chandel and Ishan Chauhan  

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