About Me

Keep it simple, or keep it stylish, let’s take over the control,

Fashion shall come within you that reflect your soul.

Be you, be what you are, with no intention of attention,

Be happy, be cheerful, give your confidence another dimension.

Let’s carry ourselves with all the passion,

After all, it’s all about Fashion.

Hi everyone! I’m Mehak Gulati, Costume designer and a Fashion Blogger. I’m here to spin a trendy yarn with a spectacular display of traditional and contemporary styles of apparel and accessories. I wish to spread smiles and gaiety via Tale of a Trend by celebrating fashion, art, culture and style.

Today each one of us is wandering a fashion journey that seems to be a never ending quest. Fashion is not just restricted to ‘dressing up myself in the most adorable way’, it is about the aesthetic appeal. It is about perception, that is, how you see everything around you in the most innovative and creative manner.

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” This quote by the fashion visionary, COCO CHANEL, has always been my mantra to make me reside in the world of FASHION forever. People always follow the trend! But what attracts me the most is ‘preferring the other way’. You know, in today’s urbanised world, when you look different from the crowd, people notice you. So the fashion and style statements at Tale of a Trend will originate in the street and will hit the runways, thus reversing the fashion movement.

Lastly I would like to say, to make your fashion journey pleasurable, do check into the style sutras at Tale of a Trend!

The dynamic personalities of the blog are:

Concept and Costumes: Mehak Gulati

Models: Vaibhav Kapoor, Yashika Jatav and Angelica Talwar

Make up and Hair : Vanity Storiies by Jyoti Uppal and Dimple Walia

Photography: Dheeraj Gulati and Aditya Sharma