Trend in Tradition

Do you have fascination for vibrant colours, rustic textures and elegant weaves? Do you love your country’s traditional wear?   Do you want to compete with today’s fashion without losing the Indian streak?  You guessed it right! I’m talking about the exotic Indian fabrics. These fabrics not only capture the legends and mythology of ancient culture, but also reflect the mixing of art and life.

So, have a look on our new collection of Indo-western combinations. Follow the trend and be unique.
This new fashion scheme will make you feel close to the roots and on the same hand you’ll be proud of being a part of The Tale of a Trend.
Scroll down for the outlook of our new fusion.

The Trending Team

  • Costumes and Styling: Mehak Gulati
  • Co-Stylist: Surbhi Sinha
  • Models: Lavisha Jaggi, Angelica Talwar and Muskaan Sachdeva
  • Make Up: Lavisha Jaggi
  • Co-author: Ekas
  • Photography: Demetra Shots (Abhinav Sood)
  • Social Media: Vaibhav Kapoor

Are you a saree girl or a pant partner? Well, there is a constant battle in the mind whether to go for elegant traditional or glamorous western. It is rightly said,  nothing makes a woman look more beautiful like a saree does.  It is six yards of sheer elegance.  But on the other hand, tight pants look extremely fashionable. So, the current theme draws its creative direction from the impeccable amalgamation, thus relieving the conflicting thoughts.  The indowestern fusion outfits  in multi hues in this theme are exaggerating the natural curves of the body.  Two design variations have been created by utilising the single top.