Realways to Runways

Life is like a game without a pause button! Well, that’s absolutely true. So, taking a leap forward in this blog game, I have framed the next theme as “Button it Up”.

Before, I magnify this inspiring thought, let me tell you, the humble buttons are peepholes into fascinating fictions.

Easy on the eyes, fashionable yet smart; button originated as a bold and striking object of adornment. In today’s world, everything is just a touch of a button.  However, the fashion industry confirmed  it many centuries ago by embedding this show-off element into the practical feature of fastening.

Thus, the theme draws its creative bent from multi functional and ornamental modern facet called the button.  You can also add a punch to your wardrobe and make an impression with these multi-hued buttoned dresses presented in stiff silhouettes over sturdy denims.

Done with the buttons!

Fun moments after the shoot.

The Trending Team

  • Costumes: Mehak Gulati
  • Models: Surbhi Sinha, Muskaan Sachdeva, Lavisha Jaggi, Jaya Badsiwal, Vaibhav Kapoor
  • Make Up: Lavisha Jaggi
  • Photography: Demetra Shots (Abhinav Sood)


“Variety, as they say is the spice of life.”  So, this collection will present all beauty and drama in plaids  on straight silhouettes swinging between formals and semi formals.